My Honest Breast Actives Review 2017

Did you know that there is a world record for the largest natural breast? In 1999, a Guinness World Record was set by a lady with a chest measuring 5.83 feet (70 inches). The record still stands to date. Breast enlargement is a topic that has been with us for some time. Though different people may disagree on the ‘optimal’ size of the breast, they all agree that beasts (and their size) have substantial cultural significance and they also define particular functions in the workings of a female body. Generally, breasts influence how feminine women feel. Breast Actives (BA) is a natural enlargement solution that is quite popular in the market and that has a huge number of users.

Breaking the Ice

A few years back while I was at the university, I had very small breasts. Puberty for me was rather slow and delayed. My hips remained largely the same in size; same as they were when I was in elementary school. You could hardly tell the difference between me and my brother if we stood some distance away and faced the same direction. Often I would be made fun of and this really made me look down upon myself. What bothered me most was the fact that my colleagues’ breasts kept on increasing in size by the day. Stacy sat behind me in class. She had big perfectly shaped breasts. In sharp contrast to mine, she was often given compliments about her breasts. Whenever she walked in, she was hard to miss. Frankly, her breasts gave her more attention than she needed; or so I thought. My depression worsened and at some point, I contemplated taking my own life. Years later, we met at Jackie’s graduation party (Jackie was 3 years behind us in the university). Stacy confided in me that her perfect breasts were as a result of using Breast Actives. The solution had been introduced to her at a very tender age and the results were those everyone marveled at, including me.

Thoughts on Breast Actives

Breast Active is effective. It sets out to enlarge breasts and as many can attest, it is highly effective at doing this. Stacy’s confession was not sufficient. I learned more about Breast Active after graduating from the university. My first job interview was at a marketing firm. The lady who interviewed me had a perfect pair of breasts which were hard to miss. Two months after I was hired, we went on a coffee date. My first comment to her was that I admired how perfect her breasts looked. She smiled. She then proceeded to tell me that the secret was ‘an effective solution’ she had started using upon recommendation from her sister in law. Naturally, I had to do some research. I was not going to go with Breast Actives just because a pretty colleague at work had confessed that it was effective. For all I knew, she had perfect breasts she claimed were as a result of using Breast Actives. I could not confirm whether her claim was fact or not. I did a lot of research, both online and through my peers. Though most of those who knew about it or confessed of using it praised the solution, my main concern was on the possible side effects. Side effects are known to come later and I did not wish to condemn myself to future problems. Also, the length of time during which the results gained from the solution would stay was a key concern. My research brought out interesting points. The most interesting one was the fact that Breast Actives delivered its impact in three ways: an oral supplement and a body cream supplemented by workout program that is designed to achieve optimal breast enlargement. Other breast supplements target either oral intake or external application through lotion. Almost no other supplement combines these two the way Active Breasts does. Also, Breast Actives had a 90-day return policy with money back guarantee. If I did not like the results I was getting, I had the chance to out. There was really no downside to the drug, as far as my research could tell.

What is included in Breast Actives?

Both the pills and the cream are made with active natural ingredients. The cream contains Sepiliftii, an aloe vera concentrate, a red clover extract and an extract from Mirifica Pueraria while the pill contains watercress (for anti-inflammation), kelp, dong quai roots (known traditionally for its balancing qualities on female hormones), fennel seed, vitamin E, Dandelion, and Fenugreek seed. Aloe soothes various skin problems and is also used for anti-inflammation. Red clover contains estrogen, the primary sex hormones in females, which regulate your secondary sex characteristics such as breasts. Funnel seeds found in the pill also contain estrogen. Vitamin E helps in the formation of erythrocytes (red blood cells) and also strengthens the immune system. Dandelion optimizes the functioning of key body organs such as the pancreas, kidney, and liver. Fenugreek seeds are responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. These ingredients are mixed in appropriate proportions to achieve maximum effect. The body functions supported by these ingredients always work collectively to aid in breast enlargement. Should functioning of body organs for example fail, the body will dedicate resources to healing the organ or compensating its functions and thus not have sufficient body resources to direct towards breast enlargement. Overall health is key. The pill delivers vitamins and hormones that stimulate natural breast development.

Larger breasts generally create a fresh sense of vibrancy and wholeness. The excitement that comes out of having larger breast for women is unparalleled. Breast Actives not only enlarges breasts but also improve their shape giving them an attractive and appealing contour. This is especially significant for older women or lactating mothers whose breasts tend to sag over time.

Breast Actives compared to competitors

1. Breast Actives has a 90-day return policy with money back guaranteed. This is quite uncommon for the cosmetic industry as most products usually have side effects especially those that are made synthetically.

2. Breast Actives has no side effects as the ingredients used are all natural. Synthetic breast enlargement solutions are known to have side effects. The ingredients found in Breast Actives are carefully selected to help with natural breast growth. Natural ingredients make the solution safe. Breast Actives can, therefore, be taken for years and years without any adverse side effect.

Breast Actives Pros and Cons

Breast Actives has the following pros:

1. All the components used to make the Breast Actives are natural. This means that the supplement has no side effects at all. Having been around since 2002, very many women have up to date using this product. As such there are quite a number of women who can attest to this. FDA approval is also very important. The fact that the supplement markets itself as having no side effects means it has been tested and proven.

2. Breast Actives achieves enlargement of breasts without surgery and is cheaper. Many women have gone for plastic surgeries to get larger breasts and though it also works, it is risky and very expensive means to enlarge breasts.

3. This supplement has a 90-day return policy should a user be unhappy with the result or should they change their mind. Returned products must, however, be unopened and unused. In case an offer was used to purchase the merchandise, all the items given during the offer must be returned for someone to qualify for a cash refund. The customer service is also on point with service particularly telephone numbers for the regions it serves (Brazil, USA, and the UK) and online contact forms on their website for users who are out of these regions or those who have further things to inquire.

4. The supplement stimulates natural growth of breasts using artificial hormones. This, therefore, means that the rest of the body remains largely unchanged: zero gain in overall body weight.

5. It is the only solution in the market that approaches breast enlargement in a wholesome manner. It has a cream from an external application and a pill; complemented by a breast enhancement exercises that are fun to do and which add excitement to the whole exercise.

Breast Actives has the following cons

1. The means of delivery of the solution means that it takes time. The pills have to be taken on a daily basis, the cream applied on a daily basis and the exercises also done daily. Though this regimen is proven to work in the long run, it is no magic pill of some sort and actually requires time and dedication for it to work optimally.

2. When breasts start to grow as a result of this product, they become sore and are tingly at first. This is not a serious side effect as it holds for any muscle in the body that changes in physical size. Bodybuilders can attest to this. During exercise, your triceps and biceps for example often get sore. It is, therefore, something to expect and nothing much to worry about. The presence of watercress in the pill (an anti-inflammation agent) will also mean that the swelling will be in largely reduced levels.

3. Stretch marks develop along the edges of the breast. Though it is not uncommon during growth, some people are bothered by stretch marks. Worse still is the possibility of having uneven breast enlargement. Natural recipes to remove stretch marks can be used to counter this ‘side effect’. As for uneven breast enlargement, it is important to note that naturally, breasts are never the same in size. Breast enlargement exercises can be used accordingly to enlarge further a breast that is smaller than the other.

Results from using Breast Actives

Breast Actives, especially if taken judiciously, usually facilitates fast breast enlargement. One pill is meant to be taken daily either before or after meals. The cream should be applied daily, once every morning on the breast. The application is done by putting a little cream on the fingers then messaging the breasts gently but thoroughly.

Breast Actives works fast. Within a month or two of using the supplement, you will achieve large, firm and full breasts. Some of my peers who also used Breast Actives, results came fast and within a week or two of use, significant changes could be seen.

I figured the speed with which results are achieved highly depends on how well you do the breast enlargement exercise, how perfectly you stick to the pills and cream prescriptions. Your rate of metabolism is probably different to mine, that explains why we would take different amounts of time to see the results, the bottom line is that the wait, however long or short, will be well worth it.

Breast Actives Price

Breast Actives has good prices with generous discounts. One month worth of supply goes for $59.95. Upon purchase of two months supply, you get one free supply all at $119.90. Three months supply accompanied with two free supplies goes for $179.85. The solution has a 90-day return policy with ‘money back guarantee’. Ordering is done on the company’s website. You can also find it on Amazon with slightly different prices from what you would buy it at from their website. Shipping is usually quick and discrete.


All treatment regimens in the world get mixed reactions. There are those who think it is effective and there are those who would rather have used other solutions. Breast Actives is largely amazing and for a simple reason. It delivers its promise. It works on not only the size of your breasts but also their shape. Breast Actives also works for you who has a busy schedule as its use does not consume a lot of time. If you are looking for a natural way to enlarge and perfectly shape your breast, Breast Actives is the answer. To make the overall impact of this supplement greater, you should consider first detoxifying your body. Detoxification removes any harmful substances and reduces the body’s dependency on them while at the same time maximizing the impact of the supplements being taken. Dependencies here refer to even the mild stimulants like nicotine and caffeine.